Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do the different weights in the rods mean? 

A:  The different weights of the rods are the different lines that are best used with the rod.  For fly rods a 5-weight rod would be paired with 5 weight fly line.  For a spinning rod the weight might be 2#-6# which would mean the best lb. test to use with that rod would be 2lb - 6lb test.  

Q:  Do your rods come equipped with reels?  

A:  No, we only build rods.  But I am happy to make my suggestions for reels to use with our rods if you would like. 

Q:  If I am ordering a rod as a gift, what information do I need to know? 

A:  I can build any type of rod with very little information.  Common questions I would ask are what type of rod (fly rod, spinning rod, casting rod, surf fishing rod, deep sea boat rod).  I can build rods off that alone.  Or if you have a favorite rod that you love the action of but would like another I can take all the information you have and build from that (Length, lb. test you would use, fish species targeted, reel type, handle made of cork or EVA foam, thread wrap colors). 

Q:  Do you only build fly rods or do you build other rods as well? 

A:  We build all types of rods here at Susquehanna Rod Company.  We build everything fly rods, spinning rods, kid’s rods, and more.  If you don’t see it on our site just shoot us an email and ask us and we can get you set up.